Where to Buy Owl’S Brew Boozy Tea

Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea can be found at most liquor stores. It is a non-alcoholic tea that is brewed with real fruit and spices. This tea is perfect for those who are looking for a refreshing, flavorful, and healthy beverage.

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Are you looking for a delicious and unique way to enjoy tea? If so, you’ll want to check out Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea. This tea is made with real fruit and herbal extracts, and it’s perfect for sipping on a warm summer day.

Best of all, it’s infused with alcohol, so you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail without having to mix your own drinks. You can find Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea at select stores across the country. In addition, you can order it online through the company’s website.

When ordering online, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of different flavors, including mango chamomile, hibiscus lemonade, and Earl Grey lavender. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or tart, there’s sure to be a flavor that appeals to you. So if you’re in the mood for something different the next time you reach for a cup of tea, be sure to give Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea a try.

It just might become your new favorite way to enjoy tea!

What Alcohol is in Owl’S Brew Boozy Tea

For anyone who hasn’t tried Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea, it is a line of alcohol-infused teas. The teas are made with real tea leaves, botanicals, and fruit juices, and then they are distilled with vodka or rum. The result is a refreshing and flavorful alcoholic beverage that is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day.

The Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea line currently includes four different flavors: original sweet tea, mango chili, cucumber mint, and hibiscus lime. Each of these flavors can be enjoyed straight up or mixed with your favorite spirit to create a delicious cocktail. If you’re looking for a unique and tasty way to enjoy alcohol, definitely check out Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea.

And if you’re wondering what alcohol is in Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea, the answer is vodka or rum depending on the flavor you choose. So go ahead and enjoy a refreshing cup of boozy tea!

Boozy Tea Owl’S Brew

Boozy Tea Owl’s Brew is an alcoholic tea made with a variety of different teas, fruits, and spices. It is said to have originated in the city of Krakow, Poland. The name “Boozy Tea Owl” comes from the fact that the tea is often served in a glass with a straw, and it is said to resemble an owl sipping on its prey.

The recipe for Boozy Tea Owl’s Brew varies depending on who you ask, but there are some common ingredients that are used. Black tea, green tea, and herbal tea are all commonly used, as well as fruit juices or purees, honey, and spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. Some people also add vodka or other spirits to their brew.

To make Boozy Tea Owl’s Brew at home, start by boiling water and steeping your teas of choice for 5-10 minutes. Then add in your fruit juices or purees, honey, and spices. If you’re using vodka or another spirit, add it now.

Once everything is combined, serve over ice and enjoy!

Boozy Tea near Me

Whether you’re looking for a new happy hour spot or just want to try something different, boozy tea is the perfect drink for you! This delicious beverage combines the best of both worlds – tea and alcohol – into one refreshing cup. And luckily, there are plenty of places around town that serve up this tasty treat.

For starters, check out The Spot in Uptown Dallas. This trendy bar offers a wide variety of teas, including some with a kick. Their menu features options like the “Jade Buzz” which includes jade oolong tea and vodka, or the “Mango Green Tea Mojito” made with white rum, mango green tea, and mint.

If you’re in Fort Worth, head over to Brewed. This coffeehouse-meets-bar is known for their inventive drinks and they have several different boozy teas on their menu. Our favorites include the “Chai Tai” made with chai tea and spiced rum or the “Peach Tea Sangria” featuring white wine, peach black iced tea, brandy, and fresh fruit.

No matter where you are in DFW, there’s sure to be a place serving up boozy tea near you! So next time you’re looking for a fun and unique drink option, give one of these spots a try.

Owl’S Brew Boozy Tea Ingredients

Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea is a line of tea-based cocktails created by The Owl’s Brew. The company was founded in 2013 by Jordan Michelman and Ashley Rodriguez, two friends who met while working in the food and beverage industry. The Owl’s Brew offers four different flavors of Boozy Tea: Original, Lemon, Peach, and Mango.

Each flavor is made with a blend of black tea, fruit juice, and spices. The teas are then infused with alcohol to create a refreshing and flavorful cocktail. Whether you’re looking for a summertime refresher or a cozy winter sipper, Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea has a flavor for everyone.


Owl’S Brew Boozy Tea Reviews

Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea is a line of all-natural, cold-brewed teas that are infused with alcohol. The tea is made with real fruits, herbs, and spices, and contains no artificial flavors or colors. The Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea line currently includes four flavors: original sweet tea, mango black tea, hibiscus limeade, and strawberry basil lemonade.

I was intrigued by the idea of boozy tea and decided to give it a try. I started with the original sweet tea flavor. The tea is very sweet and has a strong alcohol flavor.

I could definitely taste the bourbon that is used to infuse the tea. I thought it was a bit too sweet for my taste, but overall I liked it. Next, I tried the mango black tea flavor.

This one was also very sweet and had a strong alcohol flavor. However, I didn’t taste any mango at all. This one wasn’t my favorite.

Finally, I tried the hibiscus limeade flavor. This one was much less sweet than the other two flavors and had a light citrusy flavor from the limeade concentrate that is used in brewing it. I really liked this one and thought it was well balanced between the sweetness of the hibiscus and the tartness of the limeade concentrate.

Overall, I thought Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea was an interesting concept and would recommend trying it if you’re looking for something different to drink!

Where to Buy Owl'S Brew Boozy Tea

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What Alcohol is in Boozy Tea?

There are many types of alcohol that can be found in boozy tea. The most common type of alcohol is vodka, but other types such as rum, gin, and whisky can also be used. The alcohol content in boozy tea can vary depending on how much alcohol is added to the recipe.

Typically, the alcoholic content ranges from 5-15%. When making boozy tea, it is important to use a high quality alcohol so that the drink tastes smooth and not harsh. Vodka is a good choice for this because it has a neutral flavor and will not overpower the taste of the tea.

If you want to add some sweetness to your drink, you can use rum or gin instead of vodka. Whisky can also be used, but it will add a smoky flavor to the drink. The amount of alcohol you add to your boozy tea will depend on your personal preference.

If you want a strong drink, add more alcohol; if you want a weaker drink, add less alcohol. It is important to experiment until you find the perfect ratio for your taste buds!

Does Owl’S Brew Boozy Tea Have Caffeine?

Owl’s Brew Boozy tea is a line of RTD (ready-to-drink) teas that are brewed with real tea leaves and then spiked with alcohol. The Owl’s Brew website says that their products are “low calorie, gluten free, and vegan”, so it’s safe to assume that they don’t use any animal-derived ingredients in their brewing process. As for the caffeine content, it depends on which specific product you’re talking about.

The Original Owl’s Brew has 8mg of caffeine per serving, while the Wicked Green has 10mg of caffeine per serving. So if you’re looking for a boozy tea with a little bit of a caffeinated kick, Owl’s Brew has you covered!

Who Owns Boozy Tea?

There are a few different brands of boozy tea, but the most popular one is undoubtedly Four Loko. Four Loko is owned by Phusion Projects, which is a company based in Chicago, Illinois. Phusion Projects was founded in 2005 by three college friends who wanted to create a line of products that would appeal to young adults.

Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to producing beverages that are safe and enjoyable for all consumers. Four Loko is currently available in over 30 countries around the world and continues to grow in popularity every year. Thanks for reading!

Is Boozy Tea Sweet?

Yes, boozy tea can be sweet. It all depends on the ingredients that are used to make the tea and how much sugar is added. For example, if you use a black tea base and add a lot of sugar, it will be very sweet.

However, if you use a green tea base and only add a little bit of sugar, it will be less sweet. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.


If you’re looking for a delicious and boozy way to enjoy tea, Owl’s Brew has got you covered. Their Boozy Tea is made with real tea leaves and fruit, and then infused with alcohol to give it a kick. You can find their Boozy Tea in stores across the country, or online at their website.


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